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VCA Pet Insurance - Review & Company Info

VCA pet insurance, offered through VPI insurance, is one of the largest providers of pet insurance in the country. There are over 435 VCA clinics across the United States, which makes them one of the largest providers of animal care. The VCA website offers several discounts available for people wishing to purchase a pet insurance policy. Pet insurance plans from VCA are offered in all 50 states.

VCA Pet Insurance Plans

VPI Standard Plan offers affordable coverage for your dog or cat. This policy will cover illnesses, accidents, surgeries, x-rays, prescriptions, hospitalizations, and cancer. The maximum benefit for this policy is $7000 per year.

VPI Superior plan is the most popular plan offered from VCA. If you are looking for the highest reimbursement plan available, this is the one to choose. The plan will cover any illness, accident, surgery, x-ray, cancer, hospitalization, and prescriptions. The maximum benefit is $14000 annually.

VPI Well Care Protection for your pet can be added to either of the two policies above. There are two different levels of the well care protection plan, pet well care core, and pet well care premier. These plans offer coverage for vaccinations and wellness examinations. In addition, blood tests, worming, fecal tests, microchip, flea preventative, heartworm preventative, and x-rays are covered. The premier plan includes urinalysis, spays, neuters, and dental cleanings.

Situations Not Covered

There are exclusions for each VCA insurance policy, as with any type of insurance. VCA pet insurance does not cover hereditary conditions, any elective procedures, foods, behavioral problems, grooming, congenital conditions, or any pre-existing illness your pet may have.

If choosing the major medical plan, there is limited coverage after one year of $250 toward the diagnosis and $500 for surgical treatment.

Additional Benefits

All of the plans come with a 10 day 100% money back guarantee. Pet owners using VCA policies will have the freedom to choose any veterinary that they wish, there is no pre-approval of vets needed. In addition, there is a 5 to 10% discount offered for those pet owners that enroll multiple pets with VCA pet insurance. Another benefit offered from VCA pet insurance policies are discounts on things like pet services and products, online support from experts in the field and a policyholder newsletter.

Cost of Care

In order to get the best quote price from VPI, it is recommended to visit the VCA website. The VCA website offers customer discounts for those who qualify.

The cost of the plans will vary based on the type of pet you own, the age of your pet, and any health conditions your pet may have. In addition, the area you live in will affect the amount of your pet care insurance premiums. To add the core wellness protection plan it is an additional $12 a month and the premier wellness plan costs an additional $22 a month. Plans will run as low as $20 a month and up to $100 a month, depending on the type of coverage that is chosen.
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